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The Open Badge & Blockchain Technology Combined

API Enabled

Automate the issuance of digital badges, making credential verification straightforward and reliable.

Verify Achievements

Leverage blockchain for immediate verification of credentials, enhancing trust.

Showcase Globally

Empower recipients to display their achievements worldwide with a click.

Drive Engagement

Encourage continuous learning and recognition with digital badge incentives.


Expand Your Reach

Use our scalable solution to grow your credentialing program effortlessly.

Build on Trust

Boost your organization's credibility with secure, blockchain-enabled credential verification.


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Discover how blockchain-based solutions are transforming digital credentialing, setting new standards for security and trust.

Easily share Blockchain Badges with the community.

Transform Your Customers into Brand Champions

By issuing digital badges, your customers can effortlessly showcase their achievements, turning every share into a powerful endorsement of your brand.

All-in-One Blockchain Platform

Our solution is powered by Blockchain Web Services API, ensuring secure, verifiable and trusted blockchain technology.

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Our expert team is on standby, ready to craft custom integrations that supercharge your business, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive race.


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Empower your brand with our comprehensive digital badge solution, offering 1000 free badges monthly, customizable designs, and blockchain-certified authenticity.

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Connect Your In-House Tools to Issue Digital Credentials

Leverage our Blockchain Web Services platform API for seamless integration with your applications.

Integrate Blockchain Badges using our API.

Leverage our API to effortlessly integrate customizable, secure blockchain badges into your existing ecosystem, automating badge issuance and management while enhancing trust and engagement.

Seamless Integration with Your Systems

Build Your Own Custom Badge Solution

Automate Badge Issuance and Management

Enhance Security and Trust by using Blockchain Technology

No need to have a Blockchain Wallet or buy Tokens


Your Questions Answered

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our Blockchain Badges tool below. If you have any additional inquiries, please feel free to reach out to our support team for further assistance.

Is there a cost associated with issuing Blockchain Badges?
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Our platform allows you to start issuing Blockchain Badges for free, making it accessible to institutions and organizations of all sizes. We are committed to providing an entry-level solution that allows our customers to explore the benefits of blockchain-based digital badges without initial investment.

How secure are Blockchain Badges?
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Blockchain Badges are extremely secure, leveraging the inherent security features of blockchain technology. Each badge is recorded on an immutable ledger, ensuring that once issued, it cannot be altered or tampered with. This provides a level of security and trustworthiness unmatched by traditional digital credentialing systems.

How can recipients share their Blockchain Badges?
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Recipients can share their Blockchain Badges on social media, digital resumes, or personal websites with ease. Each badge comes with a unique, verifiable link, ensuring that employers, peers, and other interested parties can quickly verify the badge's authenticity and the achievement it represents. This enhances the badge's visibility and value for the recipient.

Can Blockchain Badges be integrated with any platform?
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Yes, our Blockchain Badges solution is designed with flexibility in mind. Thanks to our comprehensive API, you can easily integrate blockchain badges with your existing educational platforms, learning management systems, or any other in-house application, enabling a smooth and efficient process for issuing digital badges.

Does the Blockchain Badges solution support the Open Badges standard?
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Yes, our Blockchain Badges solution is fully compatible with the Open Badges standard, ensuring interoperability across different platforms and services. As a certified partner, we leverage both blockchain technology and the Open Badges framework to provide secure, verifiable digital badges that meet global standards for digital credentials.


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"The ease of sharing Blockchain Badges on social media has significantly increased the visibility of our courses, while blockchain technology has elevated trust in our certifications. This innovation has not only spotlighted our commitment to excellence but also inspired our alumni to proudly showcase their accomplishments."
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